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Company president William FisherFounded in 1984, Quicksilver Software, Inc. has seen the growth and evolution of many generations of computer software and hardware, and has been involved in a wide variety of different projects. Company president William Fisher has worked on just about every type of computer platform, ranging from Mattel Intellivision to IBM PC to Macintosh, mobile devices and embedded systems. You can see a list of our most interesting work on the Quicksilver Web Site.

The company has developed more than 50 games, starting with arcade game conversions on Commodore 64 and Apple ][ back in the mid-1980s and evolving in 1991 to the creation of well-known titles such as Interplay’s Castles and Conquest of the New World and Activision’s multimedia Shanghai line. Quicksilver also created two well-received Star Trek games under license from Paramount Studios: Star Trek: Starfleet Command and Star Trek: Tactical Assault.

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We branched out starting in the year 2000, designing and building a series of military cognitive training simulations for the US Army, Marine Corps and Naval Postgraduate School. These tools – none of which were classified – helped warfighters learn to think like company commanders, platoon leaders and even logistics specialists. Our background in video games served us well, because we were able to understand complex requirements translate them into compelling stories.

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During this same time frame, we worked on a long series of hardware-oriented projects, creating custom SCSI drivers, helping design next-generation rotating media for Western Digital, and assisting with both firmware and hardware for several generations of CD-ROM and other optical media products. This dovetailed nicely with our video game projects, which became more and more reliant on optical discs.

In the new millennium, we expanded our reach even further, as companies recognized that skill in creating games required keen instincts for user interface design and development. We were tapped to design a restaurant which used iPads to customize orders, and a medical device that aided in breast cancer surgery. These were both characterized by a similar need: displaying complex information in a clear and readily understood form that did not require any training of the users. Our restaurant design (which was even patented) lasted for more than a decade, and the medical device work is still continuing as we develop newer and more powerful versions of the original device.

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When mobile applications began to appear, we were among the first to ship products for the Apple iPad and iPhone, with content ranging from classic games to medical prescriptions. We even helped design a video game system using some of the same technologies found in modern mobile devices.

WWE2K23During this entire time, Quicksilver continued to develop games. We published a set of strategy games under our own label, and also worked on major projects like WWE2K23 and two other mobile titles.

We have found incredible levels of synergy between the many different projects that we have created over the years, and continue seeking out new and innovative applications for our expertise.